What characteristics are most valued by employers?

Most characteristics valued by employers would be job and education; an employer wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t know how to do the job. Employers would want the employee to have skills for the job depending on what job you are applying for. Employers would prefer the employee experiences than inexperienced because that would show you know how it is in a work place. Having education relevant to the job you are applying for would be a positive impression to the employer as they would be impressed.

Honesty would be one of the most valued to the employer because it is very important to be honest to your employer, simply because anything could happen within the business and the employer would always think it is this employee and that would have a big impact on the business. For example most employers do honest tests so one of the questions would be ‘if you witnessed an employee taking money from the cash register what would you do?’.

Communication skills are important for an employee to have because that would be one of the most valued by employers. In a work place you would need to communicate with your colleagues and work as a team. Communication skills include customer’s service and speaking professional, this is important because in any job you would need to communicate with people for example your manager, customers or colleagues.


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