Different websites of employers valued characteristics

Some employers might have different valued characteristics for example some employers would want someone persistent and the other would want someone to be enthusiastic. It could depend on the job or the employer which would result to these valued characteristics.





These two websites has some different most valued characteristics for the employer for example www.readytomanage.com website has a value characteristic that the other website doesn’t and that is persistent, this mean the capacity to follow through strongly to completion. The other websites valued characteristics for the employer has got a different valued characteristics , one of them is problem solving this shows the business could be involving problem solving with customers and you would need to have a solution for a problem.










These two websites has valued characteristics similar and the reason for this would be because most jobs the employer always requires main valued characteristics such as communication skills and that are what these two websites are required by employers and most valued. Communication skills is most valued characteristics because it involves all jobs and you would need to use at some point. In a job you would always need communication skills because you will always end up needing it for solving a problem, working in a team, presenting something or doing a written task.





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