Danger of using IT communication

Research dangers of IT communication, ease of coping, loss of personal data, spam ect.

There are many dangers of IT communication because you could be chatting to someone online and you wouldn’t know who you are talking too for example kids could be victimised by older men (paedophiles), they would talk to them and the kid wouldn’t know who they are. This is one of the biggest problems now a day’s kids are being taken advantage of by older men or women.

Going on websites that has viruses such as advertisement, if you click on it you could get a virus and people could steal your personal details such as your bank details, information, pictures and passwords.

By not letting viruses enter your computer or a laptop you should get a proper firewall installed on the computer.
This will reduce the risk of malware coming in and/or install itself on your computer. The major impact is that it should prevent installed malware from contacting its server.

By getting a antivirus it would block viruses coming into your computer or laptop instantly.


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